Сибирский центр климато-экологических исследований и образования

Проект NELDA: Валидация карт растительного покрова и расширение сети тестовых участков

GOFC-GOLD Northern Eurasia Regional Information Network (NERIN, http://nerin.scert.ru/ ) and Land Cover Implementation Team http://www.gofc-gold.uni-jena.de/ offer a 1-day workshop to introduce NELDA project to the community of scientists and practitioners in West Siberia and explore opportunities for future collaborations aimed at improved mapping of landcover. Northern Eurasia Land Dynamics Analysis (NELDA) project is designed to develop tools, methods, data, and collaborations needed to better characterize land-cover dynamics across the Northern Eurasia region. The project seeks to balance the priorities of continental and global scale mapping with local monitoring needs, and to capitalize on completed studies by team members.

While funding and logistical constraints limited the number of tests sites and the scope of work included in Phase I, there is a clear need to expand the network of test sites. The workshop in Tomsk will bring together representatives of research teams participating in NELDA, scientists interested in joining the network of validation sites, and professionals with interest in remote sensing of land cover. The workshop agenda includes an overview of NERIN and NELDA, technical presentations on methods for validation of coarse resolution land cover products at NELDA test sites, discussion of plans for expanding the network of validation sites, and assessment of specific land-cover change monitoring needs in West Siberia region.

The workshop will be open to all interested participants of  ENVIROMIS conference organized by  Dr. E.P. Gordov of  SCERT (the Siberian Center for Environmental Research and Training / Institute for  Monitoring of Climatic and Ecological Systems of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Tomsk, Russia, gordov@scert.ru).

All participants are encouraged to review existing metadata and enter information about their datasets at http://wwwdata.forestry.oregonstate.edu/MDEDIT/index.aspx.