Siberian center for Environmental Research and Training

About center

Main objectives of the Center activity are:

To investigate contemporary climatic and environmental changes in Siberia as a part of the global Earth system thus arriving to understanding major regional climatic tendencies including social consequences for population;

To train researchers (especially young) in contemporary methods and approaches of Environmental Sciences thus filling generation gap occurred recently in Russia scientific community.

To facilitate participation of Siberian young and prominent researchers in international scientific cooperation,.

To reach these objectives number of multidisciplinary national and international RTD Projects devoted to environmental issues are prepared and performed. The training activity of SCERT is realized by means of organization of international schools and conferences on methods and results of relevant environmental investigations.

Main directions of investigations are:
  • Multi-component monitoring of Siberian natural and technogenic complexes with special emphasize on biologic, chemical, physical and technogenic components of the regional geosphere-biosphere system;
  • Modeling of major natural and climatic processes for Siberian regional geosphere-biosphere system;
  • Development of solid scientific foundation for regional prognoses of natural and socio-economic processes caused by Global Change.