Siberian center for Environmental Research and Training

Conference program

28 June, Saturday

9:00-9:30 Conference Opening

9:30 – 14:50 Session 1. Local and remote observations. Chair Alexander Tikhomirov

Invited reports

1. Bogushevich A.Ya., Tikhomirov A.A.

АМК-03 ultrasonic automated weather station and its possibilities for measured data accumulation and computerization”

2. Balin Yu.S., Kaul B.V., Kokhanenko G.P.

“Lidar investigations of aerosol and cloud fields in the troposphere using the LOSA-S lidar”

Oral reports

1. Ahrends H.E., Stöckli R., Eugster W., Wanner H.

Automated phenological observations by use of digital photography”

2. Colao F., Fiorani L., Palucci A., Kataev M.Yu., Chugunov A.G., Makrushin A.P., Borilo I.A.

“Application of an isotopic CO2 lidar to atmospheric CO2 monitoring”

3. Kataev M.Yu., Borilo I.A., Colao F., Fiorani L., Palucci A.

“Laser sounding of volcanic plumes with a mobile lidar”

4. Kataev M.Yu., Borilo I.A., Sukhanov A.Ya., Colao F., Fiorani L., Palucci A.

Neural network approach for retrieving gas concentration profile from CO2-laser lidar data”

5. Yushketova N., Poddubny V., Markelov Yu.

“Measurements of ambient NO2 concentration in the urban area using passive samplers”

6. Smirnov S.V.

“Operation and results of spectrophotometric measurements with a high temporal resolution at the observatory of IMCES”

7. Nagorsky P.M., Ippolitov I.I., Kabanov M.V., Smirnov S.V.

“Matched oscillations of meteorological, actinometrical and electrical quantities in the surface layer”

8. Kokovkin V.V., Raputa V.F., Morozov S.V.

“Aerosol pollution control in the highway vicinities”

Short oral presentations/reports

1. Kurakov S.A., Krutikov V.A., Ushakov V.G.

Autonomous profile thermometer

2. Zuev S.V., Krasnenko N.P.

“Cloud base height's measuring by experimental model of opto-electronic ceilometer”

3. Goryaeva V., Shardakova L.

“Investigation of pollutants wash-out process by precipitation from atmosphere, based on experimental data”

14:50 – 18:05 Session 2. Remote sensing and GIS. Chair Yury Polishchuk

Invited reports

1. Polishchuk Yu.M., Dneprovskaya V.P., Bryksina N.A.

“Study of warming impact on thermokarst state in continuous permafrost zone of Western Siberia on base of remote sensing data”

2. Afonin S.V., Belov V.V.

“Techniques for solution of the problems of thermal sounding of the Earth surface from space”

Oral reports

1. Lane C.R., Reif M., Frohn R.C., Autrey B.

“Mapping isolated wetlands with GIS and remote sensing in North Central Florida, USA”

2. Myadzelets A.V.

“Geoinformation-based assessment of land disturbance using Earth remote sensing data”

3. Solomatov D.V., Afonin S.V.

Software for thematic processing of data from satellite atmosphere and land surface monitoring systems

4. Bobrova A.Yu., Skugarev A.A., Gorina N.V., Bazanov V.A.

“Use of satellite imagery and gis for assessing carbon balance on the territory of Tomsk oblast”

5. Pugacheva Yu.I., Shevyrnogov A.P.           

“Studying features of NDVI dynamics for vegetation monitoring of the South of Central Siberia”

29 June, Sunday

9:00 – 10:00 Session 2. Remote sensing and GIS.

Invited report

3. Begni G., Kerr Y., Buffet L., Avignon M.

Two major French contributions to study water cycle using European space systems: the SMOS and IASI instruments”

Short oral presentations/reports

1. Pugacheva Yu.I., Sidko A.F., Shevyrnogov A.P.

“Analysis of backscattered spectra dynamics of agricultural crops in the south of Krasnoyarsk krai and Khakasia based on ground and satellite measurements”

2. Istomina E.A.

“Method of the Jacobian determinant for identification of the boundaries of a geosystems hierarchic level landscape complexes by different space resolution satellite images”

3. Kataev M.Yu., Boichenko I.V.

“Research of the sensitivity of the reflected sunlight to variations of the altitude profile of the temperature”

4. Kataev M.Yu., Boichenko I.V., Nikitin A.V., Mikhailenko S.N.

“Research of sensitivity of the reflected sunlight to accuracy of spectroscopic information for СО2”

5. Kataev M.Yu., Kataev S.G., Kuskov A.V.

“Questions of using of the database NCEP meteorological information in problems of the sunlight transmittance in the atmosphere”

10:00 - 15:10 Session 3. Environmental Information Systems. Chair Alexander Fazliev

Invited reports

1. Fazliev A.Z., Lavrentiev N.A.

“State of the art of the web information-computational systems presenting weather and climate processes”

2. Molorodov Yu.I., Korsakov E.V.

“Wavelet - function data processing of atmosphere measurements”

3. Gordov E.P., Okladnikov I.G., Titov A.G.

“Web system for comparative analysis of regional climatic changes”

Oral reports

1. Chesnokova T.Yu., Firsov К.М., Kozodoeva E.V.

“Spectroscopic information presentation in the internet-accessible information-computational system “Atmospheric radiation””

2. Engel M.V., Afonin S.V., Belov V.V., Kulikov G.E.

“Computational capability of regional satellite information Internet resource”

3. Sokolov A.A., Dmitriev E.V., Khomenko G.A.

“Database of bio-optical parameters measurements at costal area of Black sea”

4. Abasov N.V., Vetrova V.V.

“Mobile web-technology geoclimatic data processing”

5. Sokolova I.V., Gorchakov L.V.

“Creation of the humic acids properties data base”

Short oral presentations/reports

1. Titov A.G., Okladnikov I.G., Shulgina T.M

“Web-system for analysis of climate change indices dynamics for Siberia region”

2. Boichenko I.V., Kataev M.Yu., Petrov A.I.

“Program system for the distributed processing of the lidar data of atmospheric sounding”

3. Boichenko I.V., Kataev M.Yu., Petrov A.I.

“Repository of the data and methods for program systems of lidar sounding data processing”

4. Kataev M.Yu., Kataev S.G., Kuskov A.V.

“Interpolation of the meteorological information of database NCEP on the any spatial point”

5. Kozodoev A.V., Lavrentiev N.A., Privezetsev A.I., Fazliev A.Z.

“Knowledge-based information system on spectroscopy of three atoms molecules”

6. Shevchenko L.B., Lavrik O.L.

“Information support of scientific researches on the environment and ecology protection in State Public Scientific Technical Library of the Siberian Branch of RAS”

7. Bart A.A., Starchenko A.V., Fazliev A.Z.

“Web system for operative description of air quality in the city”

15:10 - 18:00 Poster sessions 1-3

30 June, Monday

9:00 – 15:00 Session 4. Urban and Regional Environmental Modeling. Chair Vladimir Penenko

Invited reports

1. Kurbatsky A.F., Kurbatskaya L.I.

“Structure of nocturnal urban boundary layer: study with of nonlocal mesoscale model”

2. Penenko V.V.

“New variational technique for direct and inverse problems of atmospheric chemistry”

3. Raputa V.F.

“Inverse problem for estimation of aerosol falling fields from area sources”

4. Klimova E.G.

“Research of short-term forecast errors structure in the atmospheric boundary layer”

Oral reports

1. Dubrovskaya O.A., Klimova E.G.

“Reconstruction technique for concentration values of smoke loops gas components from forest fires”

2. Raputa V.F.

“Models of nuclei blasts traces reconstruction”

3. Pyanova E.A., Faleychik L.M.

Influence estimation of unfrozen water in the hydrostation’s downstream on the temperature and humidity of the ambient atmosphere”

4. Yudin M.S.

“Simulation of atmospheric front propagation: effects of orography and rotation”

5. Starchenko A.V., Belikov D.A., Yesaulov A.O., Nuterman R.B.

“Meso- and microscale models with high resolution for investigation of urban sublayer aerodynamics”

Short oral presentations/reports

1. Baklanov A., Korsholm U., Mahura A., Gross A., Petersen C.

"DMI-ENVIRO-HIRLAM: a coupled urban meteorological and air pollution model"
2. Mahura A., Petersen C., Baklanov A., Amstrup B.

"Evaluation of the urbanization impact in the operational meteorological and
climatological modelling"

3. Gross A., Amstrup B., Baklanov A., Korsholm U.S., Mahura A., Sørensen J.H.

“Chemical weather forecasts for Europe (a part of the EU-project GEMS)”

4. Pyanova E.A.

“Study of the region of water reservoir effect on microclimate of adjacent areas depending on orography”

5. Ushakov K.V.

“Optimization of numerical methods for large-eddy simulation”

6. Panasenko E.A., Starchenko A.V.

Numerical modeling of parameters of the basic pollution sources in an urban sublayer”

7. Danilkin E.A., Starchenko A.V.

“Numerical method for solution of the equations of an atmospheric boundary layer aerothermodynamics on MCS with the distributed memory”

8. Nuterman R.B., Starchenko A.V., Baklanov A.A.

“On the choice of turbulence closure scheme for airflow modeling inside urban sub-layer”

9. Penenko A.V. “Methodology for localization of multi-point source systems
for the advection-diffusion models”

10. Shardakova L.Yu., Kovalevskaya Y.I., Tolkacheva G.A.

“Analysis of dry atmospheric fall- out compositions during dust storms episodes in Aral sea region”

15:00-17:30 Session 5. Hydrology and Climate. Chair Stepan Shwartsev

Invited reports

1. Terzhevik A.Yu., Golosov S.D.

“Spatio-temporal dynamics of water temperature and dissolved oxygen in shallow ice-covered lakes”

2. Onuchin A.A., Burenina T.A.

“Hydrological role of forest in Siberia”

Oral reports

1. Kuzin V.I., Golubeva E.N., Platov G.A.

“Numerical simulation of the Bering Sea and the Siberian Rivers water propagation to the Arctic-North Atlantic system”

2. Malakhova V.V., Scherbakov A.V.

“Modelling of the global ocean response on cooling of surface waters with time scale of a glacial cycle”

1 July, Tuesday

09:00 – 10:00 Session 5. Hydrology and Climate.

Oral reports

3. Kuskov A.I., Krutikov V.A., Preis Yu.I, Sharapova T.A., Shishlov V.I.

“Reconstruction of cycles water modes of mires and climate”

4. Semenova I.V., Bulgakov A.A., Konoplev A.V., Popov V.Е., Alekseeva L.B., Pankratov F.F.

“Assessment of the contaminants wash-off from the Pechora river watershed to the arctic ocean as a result of possible climate change”

Short oral presentations/reports

1. Vtorushin M.N., Pushistov P.Yu, Romanenko R.D.

“Synthesis of field researches and applications of mathematical models for risk analysis and extreme ecological and hydrological situations on water objects forecasting Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Ugra”

2. Kichigina N.V., Gustokashina N.N., Maksutova E.V.

“Variability of hydroclimatic characteristics of river basins with a different runoff regime”

3. Melnik M.A.

“Methodological approaches to the fractal analysis of watercourse network”

4. Khon A.V., Shevchenko S.O. 

“Pilot research of the self-organisation of the system “river-bed-flow””

10:00 -16:00 Session 6. Assessment of Soil, Forestry and Wetland Dynamics. Chairs Anatoly Dyukarev, Charles Lane and Alexander Onuchin

Invited report

1. Dyukarev A.G., Pologova N.N.

“Soil formation process at the interface between landscape zones”

Oral reports

1. PreisYu .I.

“Reconstruction of cryogenic processes in peat deposit of the southern taiga of Western Siberia

2. Danko L.V.

“Trends and cycles of soil formation in the Baikal region’s landscapes in the Holocene”

3. Antipov A.N., Bazhenova O.I., Danko L.V.

“Regional features of semi-arid landscape dynamics in southern Siberia and the desertification problem of Central and Northern Asia”

4. Tokareva O., Polishchuk Yu.

“Analysis of change of dark-coniferous forests state in petroleum production territory using space images Landsat”

5. Zavalishin N.N.

“Dynamic model of vegetation pattern in Nothern Euro-Asia based on probabilistic plant types interaction scheme”

6. Akimov V.S., Goroshkevich S.N.

“Some results for monitoring of crop dynamics in Nizhne-Sechenovo Siberian Stone pine forest in related with weather conditions”

7. Slyusar N.N., Pechurkin N.S., Pis’man T.I.

“Local monitoring of structure-functional features and productivity modelling of halophytic vegetation in the coastal zone salt Lake Kurinka (the South part of Central Siberia)”

8. Golovatskaya E.A., Dyukarev E.A

Regional carbon balance assessments for mires of southern taiga zone in West Siberia”

9. Glagolev M.V.

“Standard model of methane emission from the West Siberian wetlands”

10. Zavalishin N.N.

“Studying dynamics of the carbon cycle functioning in Russian peatlands under the climate change and human perturbations”

11. Sharapova T.A., Preis Y.I., Antropova Н.А.

“Ridge-pool complexes of watershed mires of West Siberia”

12. Kharanzhevskaya Yu.A.

“Influence of forest reclamation on peat moisture”

Short oral presentations/reports

1. Semenova I.V., Semenov V.A., Stepochkina T.I.

“Hydrochemical assessment of restoration of man-disturbed bogs in the south of the non-chernozem zone of Russia under present-day climate conditions”

2. Sukov Ya.V., Preis Yu.I., Golovanov A.N., Abramovskikh A.A.

“Thermal and physical properties of the peat with different botanical composition”

3. Sukov Ya.V., Yakimov A.S., Golovanov A.N.

“Mathematical modelling of process of ignition of peat”

4. Sorokovenko O.R., Preis Yu.I.

“Detailed research of ridge-hollow-pool complex dynamics on peripheral of Iksinskoe bog”

5. Myasnikova S.I.

“Modeling of progressive-age dynamics of the mountain-taiga forest in Pribaikalye and maps of forest management optimization”

16:30 – 18:30 Poster sessions 4-6

2 July, Wednesday

9:00 -19:00 Session 7. Environment and Climatic Change Assessment and Modeling. Chairs Michael Kabanov and Vasily Lykosov

Invited reports

1. Mokhov I.I., Eliseev A.V., Chernokulsky A.V.

“How efficient is an approach of geoengineering to mitigate the global warming?”

2. Tolstykh M.A., Kiktiev D.B., Zaripov R.B., Zaitchenko M.Yu.

“Simulation of climate anomalies on seasonal scales using general circulation model of the atmosphere”

3. Lykosov V.N., Krupchatnikoff V.N., Kuzin V.I., Golubeva E.N., Platov G.A., Krylova A., Martynova Yu.V.

“Estimation of feedbacks in Northern Eurasia and Arctic climate system under global climate changes”

4. Penenko V.V., Tsvetova E.A.

“Advanced scenario approach for assessment of environmental changes”

5. Koutzenogii K.P., Koutzenogii P.K.

“Atmosphere as colloid”

6. Chavro A.I., Nogotkov I.V., Dmitriev E.V., Khomenko G.A.

“Linear and non-linear dowscaling of surface temperature field in the La Manche region”

Oral reports

1. Eliseev A.V., Arzhanov M.M., Demchenko P.F., Mokhov I.I.

“Future projections of surface thermal and hydrological state in the northern Eurasia with a climate model of intermediate complexity”

2. Golubeva E.N., Platov G.A.

“Climate changes according to the Arctic – North Atlantic ice-ocean numerical model”

3. Stepanenko V.M., Mikushin D.N.

“Numerical modeling of energy and mass exchange between the atmosphere and inner land water bodies”

4. Krupchatnikoff V.N., Borovko I.

Connection of polar stratosphere vortex dynamics with circulation in troposphere

5. Podnebesnykh N.V., Ippolitov I.I., Loginov S.V.

“Comparative analysis of baric formations dynamics above Western Siberia: observations and reanalysis data”

6. Kharyutkina E.V., Ippolitov I.I., Loginov S.V.

“Assessments of convection flux energy within cyclone formations based on reanalysis data”

7. Golubyatnikov L.L.

“Model estimations for the impact of climate change on the vegetation dynamics in the Northern Eurasia”

8. Shishlov V.I.

“New methods for description and assessment of climate system changes”

Short oral presentations/reports

1. Dmitriev E.V., Fadeev R.Y., Nogotkov I.V.

Comparison of methods applied for the reconstruction of the climate over the past millennium with the use of the INMCM3.0 model data

2. Martynova Yu.V.

“Study of soil humidity influence on summer precipitation quantity against the background of СО2 concentration increase for Western Siberia”

3. Gustokashina N.N., Kochugova E.A.

“Vertical air temperature distribution over the Irkutsk region”

4. Pankratov F.F., Konoplev A.V., Rychkov A.M.

“Effect of the elemental mercury decrease in atmosphere of the Russian Arctic”

5. Tvorogov S.D., Rodimova O.B.

“Calculation of transmission functions at small pressures”

6. Bogdanova Yu.V., Rodimova O.B.

“Parameterization of the ozone transmission function in the region of the 9.6 micron band”

7. Rodimova O.B.

“Stability of the altitude temperature behaviour in the radiation model with the explicit dependence on temperature”

8. Shulgina T.M., Titov A.G

“Analysis and comparison of basic meteorological and climatic characteristics calculated using NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis and NCEP/DOE Reanalysis AMIP II data”

9. Nikitchuk K.L., Shulgina T.M.

“Analysis of the Siberia regional climate dynamics based on the climate change indices assessment”

10. Bogomolov V.Yu., Gordov E.P., Krupchatnikoff V.N., Vrazhnov D.A., Martynova Yu.V.

“Development of regional model on the basis of WRF model”

11. Pisman T.I., Slyusar N.A.

“Modeling of galophytic plants productivity taking into account the temperature factor”

12. Borodavko P.S.

“Hazard assessment of naturally dammed lakes in Altai mountains”

13. Koshkin D.A., Kochugova E.A. 

“Trends of extreme annual temperatures over Predbaikalie”

17:15 – 18:30 Poster session 7

4 July Friday

9:00– 19:00 Session 8. Open Meeting of Russian National Committee for IGBP: Development of Siberia Integrated Regional Study. Chairs Evgeny Vaganov and Evgeny Gordov

Invited reports

1. Gordov E.P., Vaganov E.P.

“The state of the art of the Siberia Integrated Regional Study”

2. Groisman P. and A. Shvidenko A.

“Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative: An Update”

3. Vasiliev O.F.

“Aral sea problem: On possibilities to restore hydrology regime and ecosystems in its separate parts”

4. Kabanov M.V.

“Integrated studies of climatic changes in Siberia: methods and investigation results”

Invited lectures

1. Lykossov V.N.

“Mesoscale Processes in the Climate System: Modeling and Parameterization”

2. Zuev V.V.

“Study of ozone layer by the dendrochronological technique”

Invited reports

4. Shvidenko A., Schepashchenko D., Nilsson S., McCallum I.

«Major indicators of productivity of Russian forests: а system reanalysis»

5. Begni G., Leroy M., Guerre L.F., Sand, A.

Two initiatives of interest for northern Eurasia initiated by France: POSTEL and Planet Action”

6. Onuchin A.A., Muspkhranova A.V., Burenina T.A., Korets M.A.

“Spatial regularities of air temperature dynamics in Northern Asia”

7. Gordov E.P., Lykosov V.N.

“The state of the art of the information-computational infrastructure for Siberia Integrated Regional Study”

8. Shishlov V.I., Preis Yu.I., Krutikov V.A.

“System and evolution analysis of environment and climate forming processes in Siberia”

Oral reports

1. Zhuravleva T.B., Sklyadneva T.K., Bedareva T.

“Spatiotemporal characteristics of clouds over boreal Siberian zone for simulation of shortwave component of the radiative balance in the “forest-atmosphere” system”

2. Begni G. New Regional Climate Changing Initiative in Mediterranean

18:00-19:00 Discussion

5 July, Saturday

09:00 – 13:00 Session 9. Workshop on Man-Made Environmental Risks. Joint Session with Conference on Control and Rehabilitation of Environment Chair  E.P. Gordov

Invited reports

1. Baklanov A.A., Gordov E.P.

“Analysis of major anthropogenic risks for Siberia”

2. Onuchin A.A., Burenina T.A., Ziryukina N.V.

“Forest harvesting influence on river flows in Nizhnee Priangarye”

3. Penenko V.V., Tsvetova E.A.

“Formation of environment protection strategy for risk and uncertainty diminution”

4. Shvidenko A., Kabanov M., Baklanov A., Gordov E., McCallum I., Lykosov V., Nilsson S., Onuchin A., Pushistov Yu., Schepaschenko D., Vaganov E.

“Man-made Environmental Risks in Siberia: Terrestrial ecosystems and hydrological cycling”

5. Mahura A., Baklanov A., Sorensen J.H.

"Enviro-RISKSs: overview of applications for short- and long-term modelling
and assessment for atmospheric pollutants"

6. Pushistov P.Yu, Vtorushin M.N.

“Basic principles and some results on creation of the monitoring and warning system of natural and man-made emergency situations of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra”

Short oral presentations/reports

1. Baklanov A.A., Gordov E.P., Heimann M., Kabanov M.V., Lykossov V.N., Onuchin A.A., Penenko V.V., Pushistov P.Yu., Shvidenko A.Z., Zakarin E.A.

"Man-induced Environmental Risks: monitoring, management and remediation of
man-made changes in Siberia"

2. Baklanov A., Lawrence M., Pandis S., and the MEGAPOLI team
"MEGAPOLI: Megacities: Emissions, Urban, Regional and Global Atmospheric
POLlution and Climate Effects, and Integrated Tools for Assessment and

3. Kaas E. Siggaard-Andersen M.-L., Karlsson K., Nielsen L.H., Frohn L.M., Brandt J., Hertel O., Baklanov A., Gross A., Korsholm U., Bonlokke J., Sigsgaard T., Sorensen J., Nielsen J.S., Meulengracht Flachs E. Juel K., Bronnum-Hansen H.

"Centre of Energy, Environment and Health (CEEH) - integrated externalities in optimization of future danish energy systems"

4. Petrova I., Mahura A., Dubasov Yu., Podgaisky E.

“Evaluation of atmospheric transport for radionuclides (Xe and Kr) monitoring in North-Western Russia”

5. Amosov P.V., Novozhilova N.V.

“Numerical modeling of the pollution of underground water on sites of the placement of radiation-dangerous objects”

11:50 – 12:20 Poster session 9

Oral reports

1. Nabieva O.R.

“Modelling of pollution distribution in water-currents during emergency break of underwater pipelines

2. Volkova E.S.

“Particularities of ecological risks in the West Siberian North”

3. Rykova V.V.

“Natural and anthropogenic risks at the territory of Siberia and the Far East: information aspects of the problem”

14:00 – 17:00 Session 10. Workshop on Northern Eurasia Land Dynamics Assessment. Chairs Olga Krankina, А.А. Onuchin and Anatoly Shvidenko

Invited reports

1. Krankina O.

“Mitigation of climate change in the forest sector and the challenge of monitoring land cover in Northern Eurasia”

2. Shvidenko A.

“Boreal Forests dynamic and carbon sequestration”

3. Kirpotin S.N., Polishchuk Yu.M., Bryksina N.A.

“Investigation of West-Siberian permafrost landscape dynamics under global warming”

Oral reports

1. Dyukarev E.A., Pologova N.N., Golovatskaya E.A.

“Spatial structure and dynamics of forest-mire complexes at the key area “Vasuganie””

2. Tsolmon R., Krankina O.

“Monitoring of some environmental issues in North East Asia: dust storms and land cover change”

3. Bondarenko S. L., Loginov S. V., Smirnov S. V.

“Assessment of a meteorological influence on the growth bioproductivity in Siberian region using remote sensing data”

4. Spivak L.F., Terekhov A.G., Vitkovskaya I.S, Batyrbayeva M.Zh.

“Methods for monitoring of long-term changes of the vegetative cover of Kazakhstan on the basis of the satellite information”

17:00 -17:30 Discussion

17:30-18:00 Conference Closure