Siberian center for Environmental Research and Training

International conference and young scientists school on computational
information technologies for environmental sciences: “CITES-2003”
Tomsk, Russia, September 1-10, 2003

Siberian Center for Environment Research and Training (SCERT), Institute for Numerical Mathematics RAS (INM), Institute of Optical Monitoring SB RAS (IOM), Tomsk University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics and Tomsk State University (TSU) with the support of EC INCO Programme and under the auspice of Russian National Committee of International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme hold the International conference and young scientists school on computational information technologies for environmental sciences.
At first day of weekly school the leading Russian specialists working in this area will deliver lectures on the state and basic and practical problems of this branch of science to post-graduates and young scientists.
The following introductory hour and a half lectures are planned:
  1. The problem of climate modeling and change. Mathematical theory of climate. Ac. Valentin Dymnikov (Institute of Numerical Mathematics RAS, Moscow)
  2. Parallel computations. Ac. V.V. Voevodin (Institute of Numerical Mathematics RAS, Moscow)
  3. Modern informational systems and programming theory. RAS Corresponding Member V.P. Ivannikov (Institute of system programming RAS, Moscow)
  4. Internet and education. Ac. V.V. Voevodin (Institute of Numerical Mathematics RAS, Moscow)
Three special courses will be delivered to school attendants:
  1. Mathematical climate modeling. RAS Corresponding Member Vasily Lykossov (Institute of Computational Mathematics RAS, Moscow) – 4 lectures for hour and a half each.
  2. Numerical modeling of pollutant transport processes on the urban and regional scale. A.V. Starchenko (Tomsk State University) – 4 lectures for hour and a half each.
  3. Information technologies for environmental sciences. E.P. Gordov (Siberian Center for Environment Research and Training), A.Z. Fazliev (Institute of Atmospheric Optics SB RAS)– 2 lectures for hour and a half each.
These courses will be supported by practical assignments. The groups of 3-4 persons will be able to perform the tasks on modeling of concrete situations of environmental state of atmosphere in Tomsk city on the basis of information and computation resources of Siberian Center for Environment Research and Training. At the last school day each group will deliver a 15-minutes report on the results of their work to all school attendants. On finishing the school the participants will take part in the international Conference where they will be able to present their results and get new knowledge in the spheres of their interest. At the Conference several invited hour lectures of leading Russian and foreign specialists on modern problems of computational information technologies development and their application in environmental sciences are planned.
On finishing the event the school attendants are planned to receive certificates with the list of the courses taken and the results of the task performed.
The anticipated support from RFFR, INTAS and EC should allow us to cover completely/partially expenses for a number of young and experienced researchers from NIS countries.
The participants’ selection and determination of the support type will be based on the Requests for Participation sent to the Organizing Committee.

Four-days Conference on computational information technologies for environmental sciences will be devoted to the-state-of-the-art and usage of modern modeling tools and information technologies for Atmospherics Physics and Chemistry, applying to environmental research. It is aimed at filling a gap between basic science achievements and their practical applications in the domain of computational information technologies for environmental sciences as well as at dessimination of new knowledge and results among specialists and, in first place, among young scientists.
The Conference is planned as a set of consequent sessions with invited lectures, invited oral and contributed poster paper presentations.
One session will be devoted to monitoring of international environmental projects realized in NIS countries and sponsored by INTAS, EC and other donor organizations.
The official languages of Conference are Russian and English. The simultaneous translation is planned.
The Abstracts and the Conference Program will be published in the hard copy version and on the Conference site. Invited and recommended by the Program Committee contributed papers will be published at the Conference site and in peer reviewed Journal "Information Technologies". Other papers will be published on the Conference site and as a hard copy of the Conference Proceedings. Selection procedure will be done in course of the event.

Planned sessions:

  1. Atmospheric observations databases. Organizer: Alexander Fazliev (
  2. Physics of climate system. Organizer: Vasily Lykosov (
  3. Basic and applied Information-computational Systems. Organiser: Evgueni Gordov (
  4. Urban and regional atmosphere: from modeling to monitoring and risk estimation. Organizer: Alexander Starchenko (
  5. Monitoring of international environmental projects. Organizer: Evgueni Gordov (
Also the following questions will be discussed in framework of this domain: GIS: modeling and web- access; Modeling atmospheric & ocean optics; Local Area Network and web systems and portals for Atmospheric Sciences; Integrated information systems for environment assessment&management.
Those, who wish to suggest invited topics, please contact relevant session organizers.

Currently confirmed invited lectures and papers:

20. NASA’s Earth sciences research program and the Northern Eurasia Earth science partnership initiative. Dr. D. Deering (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA)


1 September 2003 2-7 September 2003 8-11 September 2003
Beginning of the Young Scientists School : Plenary lectures Young Scientists School : Short Lecture & Training courses International Conference CITES-2003

Hope to see you among the participants of the Conference