Siberian center for Environmental Research and Training

Third Call for Papers

International Conference on Environmental Observations, Modeling and Information Systems ENVIROMIS-2004, 17-25 July 2004, Akademgorodok, Tomsk, Russia

The third in series multidisciplinary Conference comprising elements of Young Scientists School will be devoted to the state-of-the-art and usage of modern environmental observation techniques, computational and information technologies for assessment, modeling and mitigation of environment variations under natural and anthropogenic pressure including those caused by Global Change. It is aimed at filling a gap between basic science achievements and their practical applications in this domain as well as at creating a solid foundation for mitigation of pollution and environmental management for industrial areas on city and regional scale. It is also aimed at the overcoming of the interdisciplinary barriers between specialists from different fields of environmental science. It is addressed to critically important for NIS countries issues, which are not yet finally solved in Europe as well. Among those is a generation gap occurring in Environmental Sciences. To mitigate it consequences and to facilitate professional skill grows for young scientists a number of invited lectures devoted to the state of the art at the domain under consideration will be presented by leading NIS and European specialists, which will allow young participants to get first hand information on hot topics of Environmental Sciences and will attract them professionally to this very important domain.

One of thematic focuses of the Conference will be devoted to detailed discussion of the climatic Hot Spots recently detected in the Northern Eurasia. Being a region where climate variations are most pronounced and whose potential influences on the Earth System operation as a whole, it has attracted recently attention of number of research and funding organizations, notably Siberian Branch of RAS, NASA, IGBP and FP6 ESD Programme. We plan to devote this theme special 3 day workshop “Towards integrated multidisciplinary study of the Northern Eurasia climatic Hot Spot” included into the conference fabric. The workshop will take place on 23-25 July. It will bring together the scientific community at large involving scientists from the INTAS members and the NIS with representatives of national and international organizations in science, industries and other groups relevant for the aims of the workshop. Being addressed to one of research priorities of the FP6 ESD Programme the planned strategic scientific workshop shall engage the participants in in-depth and forward looking discussions about optimal ways to address scientific research topics and potential areas of cooperation and aim to define future scientific priorities to this end as well as to identify research groups and projects in a position to become integrated into the ERA, or even into specific FP6 actions within this and other research priorities. The workshop will be used to present and to discuss relevant national and international, notably INTAS and FP5/FP6 projects. Among those are FP5 projects SIBERIA 2 and TCOS-Siberia. A particular effort will be made to bring together contractors involved in projects funded by the EC Framework Programme, INTAS project participants and participants of relevant NIS projects, notably of SB RAS funded integrated projects on environmental issues.

Being run as a set of consequent sessions devoted to different aspects of the theme the Conference will facilitate interdisciplinary cooperation between young and prominent researchers thus giving a solid foundation of Earth System study on global and regional level as well.

It is assumed that the Conference will also be a forum for dissemination of novel results, including those obtained within EC FP5 and FP6 in the relevant domain to a targeted group of NIS young and prominent researchers and decision-makers and facilitate their orientation towards basic and applied environmental problems as well as to advance the state-of-the-art by making EU diffusion of first rate NIS research results in environmental modelling and measuring instrumentation. It is planned International Agencies promoting environmentally oriented activity in NIS and Europe (INCO and 6th Framework Programme in general, INTAS, NATO, ISTC, CRDF) will use this Conference for monitoring current state of their projects falling into this area thus giving them vision and result diffusion as well as a basis for new cooperative RTD initiatives.

The Conference will be organized by the Siberian Center for Environment Research and Training, Institute for Optical Monitoring of Siberian Branch of RAS, Institute for Numerical Mathematics RAS, Tomsk Region Committee on Ecology, under the auspices of INCO Programme, National Committee IGBP, Tomsk Regional Administration and Scientific Councils on Earth Sciences and on Mathematics and Informatics of SB RAS.

The Conference will be held in Tomsk at the congress-center “Rubin”. One-day trip along Tom’/Ob’ river is planned to access practical activity of regional environmental bodies.
The Seminar begins on the 23, July at 9:00 a.m. at the congress-center “Rubin”.

The Conference site is available on:
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Registration fee:
Participant 500 Euro
Accompanying person 150 Euro
Ph.D. student 150 Euro
The fee includes session admission, Program, Abstracts, Proceedings, excursions, welcome reception, boat trip and coffee breaks.

Single room from about 25 to 35 USD.
Reservation – 25% of daily cost.

Participants’ registration starts on the 16, July at 12:00 a.m. at the hall of the hotel “Rubin” and will continue during the Conference before morning sessions.

Hope to meet You in Tomsk!