Siberian center for Environmental Research and Training

Prelimenary school program

Plenary lectures

  1. Academician Dymnikov V.P. “Mathematical problems of climate theory”

  2. RAS Corr. member Lykosov V.N. “Supercomputer technologies in a climate system modeling”

  3. Prof. Gordov E.P. “Informational technologies in climate modeling”

  4. RAS Corr. member Kabanov M.V., Prof. Krupchatnikoff V.N. “Monitoring and diagnosis of modern regional climate changes”

  5. RAS Corr. member Mokhov I.I. “Global and regional climate changes and their interrelations”

  6. RAS Corr. member Tarasova N.P. “Adaptation to regional climate changes and mitigation of their consequences”

School courses

  1. Prof. Volodin E.M. “Physical-mathematical basis of climate modeling”

  2. Prof. Gritsun A.S. “Methods of study of a climate system sensitivity to small external disturbances”

  3. Dr. Shkolnik I.M. “Modeling of regional climate changes in Russia in XXI century and methods to assess  their consequences”

  4. Prof. Alekseev G.V., Dr.Yakovlev N.G. “Monitoring and modeling of climate changes in Arctic in the XX and the beginning of XXI centuries”

  5. Dr. Tolstykh M.A. “Computational technologies of medium-range and seasonal weather forecasts”

  6. Dr. Rivin G.S. “Regional weather forecasts: methods and technologies”
  7. Dr. Eliseev A.V. "Goal-setting and propsessing of ensamble experiments with numerical climate models"
  8. Dr. Klaus Fraedrich "A suite of global circulation models: some applications" (KlimaCampus, Hamburg)
  9. Dr. Tarasova O.A. "Global Atmospheric Watch Program" (WMO, Geneva)

Practical course

Dr. Stepanenko V.M. Simulation of mesometeorological processes  using modern atmospheric meteorological models and parallel computing.