Siberian center for Environmental Research and Training

Tentative program

5 July, Monday
9:00 – 9:30 Opening Remarks Kabanov, Krutikov, Gordov, Groisman
NEESPI Workshop
9:30 Session 1. Ongoing Climate Changes over Northern Eurasia. Chairs Pavel Groisman and Evgeny Gordov
Invited lectures

1.Groisman P., Soja A. “Ongoing climatic and environmental change in Northern Eurasia: The role of the Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative (NEESPI) as a vehicle to accelerate regional research for the global needs”

2. Zuev V.V. “Role of volcanogenic disturbances of the stratosphere in global and regional climate change”
Invited reports
1. Gordov E., Vaganov E. “Some results of Siberia Integrated Regional Study”
2. Ippolitov I.I., Gorbatenko V.P., Kabanov M.V., Loginov S.V., Podnebesnych N.V. “Influence of atmospheric circulation on the temperature regime of Siberia at the time of current global warming
11:10-11:40 Coffee break
Oral reports
1. Zuev V.V., Zueva N.E., Ippolitov I.I., Loginov S.V., Kharyutkina E.V. “Ozone field disturbances by cyclones over the territory of Siberia”
2. Gustokashina N.N., Maksyutova E.V., Balybina A.S. “Natural-climatic changes in the Baikal region
3. Tchebakova N.M., Parfenova E.I. “Possible effects of albedo feedbacks predicted from land cover change to resulting vegetation shifts in Siberia in a warming climate”
12:10 Session 2. Regional climate modeling. Chairs Vasily Lykosov, Igor Mokhov
Invited lectures
1. Lykosov V.N. “Supercomputer technologies for modeling climate change”
12:50 – 14:00 Lunch
2. Mokhov I.I. “Climate changes: Assessment of natural and anthropogenic factors and cause-and-effect relations”
Invited reports
1. Eliseev A.V. “Land use radiative impact on global and regional climate
2. Krupchatnikov V., Martynova Yu. “Research of sensitivity of surface climate of Northern Eurasia to interaction of troposphere and a stratosphere”
3. Kurbatskii A.F. “Some results of modeling structure of the stably stratified atmospheric boundary layer”
Oral reports
1. Chavro A.I., Rogutov V.S., Sidorova M.V. “Design of the approach for assessment of river flow based on climatic characteristics and its application for prediction for 21st century”
2. Golubeva E.N., Platov G.A. “On the influence of the variability of atmospheric circulation on the Arctic ice dynamics on the basis of numerical modeling”
16:10-16:40 Coffee break
3. Ignatov R.Y., Bychkova V.I., Makshtas A.P., Rubinshtejn K.G., , Shutilin S.V. “Estimation of quality of simulation of meteorological parameters by regional not hydrostatic model of atmosphere WRF in Arctic regions (on the observations received on drifting stations)”
4. Kurbatskaya L.I. “Modeling and simulation the stable stratified boundary layer with low-level jet: comparison with the wind tunnel data”
5. Moiseenko K.B. “Large-amplitude mountain waves in the atmosphere: mesoscale effects
6. Ogorodnikov V.A., Khlebnikova E.I., Derenok K.V. “Numerical stochastic models joint non-stationary and non-gaussian time series of weather elements for solving the statistical meteorology problems”
7. Toropov P.А. “Estimations of numerical forecast WRF for different landscapes
8. Kuzin V.I., Golubeva E.N., Platov G.A. “Simulation of the Pacific and Siberian rivers waters propagation to the Arctic Ocean
19:00-22:00 Welcome reception (Scientists Club)

July 6, Tuesday
9:00 Session 2
Invited lecture
Krupchatnikov V. “Influence of radiative equilibrium baroclinicity variation on stratification of troposphere
9:40 - Session 3. Northern Eurasia climate and biosphere interrelations. Chairs Michael Kabanov and Vladimir Krupchatnikov
Invited lecture
Taff G.N., Fonji S. “Climate-LCLUC Interactions in Eastern Europe
Invited reports
1. Kabanov M.V., Dyukarev E.A. “Great Vasyugan Mire: Monitoring and modeling of natural and climatic processes”
2. Kirpotin S., Polishchuk Yu., Pokrovsky O., Kouraev A., Bryksina N., Sugaipova A., Zakharova E., Shirokova L., Kolmakova M., Manassypov R., Dupre B. “Vegetation response on climatic changes in West-Siberian North”
11:00-11:30 Coffee break
Oral reports
1. Shulgina T., Genina E., Gordov E. “Climatic characteristics which control Siberian forest ecosystems dynamics in the second half of XX century”
2. Naurzbaev M.M., Shishov V.V. “Modeling and forecast of climatic changes in Eurasian subarctic for the late Holocene by dendroclimatic and other paleoclimatic sources”
3. Voronin V.I., Syzukh A.P., Oskolkov V.A., Sheifer E.V. “Structural-dynamics organization of the plant communities of the basic ecotones of the Lake Baikal’s basin”
12:15 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 Joint Session with Conference on Control and Rehabilitation of Environment. Chairs Alexandr Tikhomirov and Evgeny Gordov
Invited reports
1. Baklanov A., Gordov E.P. “Man-made risks in Siberia: Enviro-RISKS Project Outcomes”
2. Kabanov M.V., Ippolitov I.I., Smirnov S.V. “Concept of network monitoring of environmental and climatic changes in Siberia
3. Zuev V.V. “Application of laser systems in city air monitoring”
4. Krutikov V.A. “Development of information-measuring technologies for monitoring and modeling of atmospheric, hydrospheric and  lithospheric processes in Siberian geosystem”
15:40-16:10 Coffee break
5. Lagutin A.A., Sutorikhin I.A., Sinitsyn V.V., Zhukov A.P., Shmakov I.A. “Monitoring of technogenic pollution of underlying surface in big industrial centers in the south of West Siberia using MODIS and observation data”  
6. Polishchuk Yu.M., Tokareva O.S. “Ecological risks assessment in problems on environmental monitoring”
7. Bogushevich A.Ya., Tikhomirov A.A. “Ultrasonic weather stations and their usage for atmospheric processes monitoring”

July 7, Wednesday
9:00 Session 4. Influence of Northern Eurasia terrestrial ecosystems on global biogeochemical cycles: past, present and future. Chairs Anatoly Shvidenko and Quinlai Zhuang
Invited lectures
1. Shvidenko A., Schepaschenko D., Maksyutov S. “Impact of terrestrial ecosystems of Russia on global carbon cycle in 2003-2008: An attempt of synthesis
2. Zhuang Q., Melillo J., Kicklighter D., Reilly J., Shvidenko A., Tchebakova N., Parfenova E., Peregon A., Sirin A., Maksyutov Sh., Zhou G. “Role of climate change and human activities in changes of land cover and land use and greenhouse gas emissions in Northern Eurasia
Invited reports
1. McGuire A.D., Hayes D.J., Kicklighter D.W., Zhuang Q., Chen M., Gurney K.R., McClelland J.W., Melillo J.M., Peterson B.J., Prinn R.G. “Analysis of the carbon balance of boreal Asia from 1997 to 2006”
2. Schepaschenko D.G., McCallum I., Shvidenko A.Z. “Hybrid land cover in 2009 for Russia: a methodology for integrating statistics, remote sensing and in-situ information”
3. Prokushkin A.S., Pokrovsky O.S. “Current limitations for carbon release from watersheds of Central Siberian Platforms”
11:10-11:40 Coffee break
Oral reports
1. Kim H.-S., Glagolev M.V., Maksyutov S., Machida T., Patra P.K., Sudo K., Inoue G. “Evaluation of methane emission over Western Siberia
2. Bartsev S.I., Degermendzhi A.G., Belolipetsky P.V. Principle of the worst scenario in the modelling of biosphere-climate dynamics
3. Stepanenko V.M., Machulskaya E.E., Glagolev M.V. “Numerical modelling of methane emissions from thermokarst lakes”
4. Golovatskaya E.A. “Net primary production and decomposition in oligotrophic mires in the Southern Taiga of Western Siberia”
5. Zavalishin N.N. “Reaction of the biotic cycle in south taiga forest and peatland ecosystems of European Russia to the climate change and human perturbations”
6. Golubyatnikov L.L. “Estimating carbon flux from the soil using life-cycle model of terrestrial carbon exchange”
13:10-14:30 Lunch
7. Filipchuk A.N., Moiseev B.I. “Calculation of the net annual increment of carbon according to the State forest register data”
8. Usoltsev V.A. “Regional peculiarities of forest biomass carbon mapping using the data of State Forest Account”
9. Kurganova I.Contribution of Russian terrestrial ecosystems to global soil respiration flux”
10. Korotkov V.N.,Romanovskaya A.A. “Comparison of different methods for estimation of carbon budget of Russia’s managed forests”
15:30 Short oral reports to Sessions 1 - 4
Session 1
1. Borovko I.V., Krupchatnikoff V.N. “Influence of the stratosphere polar vortex dynamics on the lower troposphere thermal stratification”
2. Devyatova E.V., Mordvinov V.I., Marchenko O.Y. “Influence of the equatorial Quasi-Biennial Oscillation on the wave activity in the Northern Hemisphere winter atmosphere
3. Gustokashina N.N., Kichigina N.V. “Tendencies of рydroclimatic сhanges in the Upper Lena Watershed
4. Kuskov A.I., Tcheredko N.N. “Features of temperature fields dynamics in the Altai mountains
5. Musokhranova A.V., Onuchin A.A. “Atmospheric precipitation trends on Taimyr Peninsula and Putoran Plateau”
6. Marchenko O.Y., Mordvinov V.I., Devyatova E.V. “Spatial structure, seasonal and long term changes of precipitations and their connection with atmospheric circulation variations”
7. Marchenko O.Y., Berezhnykh T.V., Devyatova E.V. “Connections between water content in the rivers of the Baikal Lake basin and general atmospheric circulation variations
8. Ovdoshenkov I., Mahura A. “Multi-year air temperature and precipitation variability on the Kola North”
9. Shishlov V.I. “Assessment of climate changes in Northern regions of Eurasia
10. Shulgina T., Genina E., Gordov E. “Climatic characteristics on Siberian territory in the second half of XX century: observations and reanalysis based statistical analysis”
11. Vasilenko O.V. “Precipitation mode around the Tunkinskaya Hollow
16:15-16:45 Coffee break
Session 2
1. Bychkova V. I., Makosko A.A., Rybinshtein K.G., Egorova E.N. “Beginning of the Indian summer monsoon в экспериментах с моделью общей циркуляции атмосферы Гидрометцентра России. in the experiments with atmospheric general circulation model of Hydrometeorological Center of Russia”
2. Bogomolov V., Gordov E. “Modeling of meteorological fields with high spatial resolution for West Siberia for climatic and meteorological applications”
3. Konstantinov P.I. “Climate change in Moscow in different building-up scenarios (simulation with simple urban canopy model)”
4. Martynova Yu.V., Zaripov R.B., Krupchatnikov V.N. “Study of boundary layer stability influence to WRF model forecasts quality for Siberia
5. Perekhodtseva E. “Stability of the statistical model of the hydrodynamic-statistical forecast of the dangerous summer wind over the territory of Siberia
6. Pyanova E.A. “Numerical experiments on the simulation of atmosphere circulations induced by solar radiation over complex terrain”
7. Simonov Yu., Khristoforov A.Assessment of future hydrological regime change of the North-Western Eurasian rivers induced by climate change”
8. Smirnova M.M. “Simulation of atmospheric boudary layer vertical structure in regional model”
9. Tkachuk S.V., Rubinshtein K.G. “Particularized hydrodynamic forecast for the Caucasus Mineral Water region”
10. Yudin M.S. “Movement of a small-scale atmospheric front over a valley: a numerical study”
11. Zolotov S.Yu., Ippolitov I.I., Loginov S.V., Luchitskaya I.O. , Belaya N. “Comparison of the soil temperature profiles based on Western-Siberian station network measurements and the data of the NCEP/NCAR reanalysis for the period 1963-2007
Session 3
1. Kopysov S.G. “Limits of climatic changes influence on swamping in basin of River Bakchar
2. Propastilova O.Yu. “Colonization and recruitment of Larix Sibirica on fluvioglacial sediments and on young glacier moraines of Severo-Chuisky Ridge”
3. Voistinova E.S. “Hydrochemical regime of raised bog water”
4. Soja A., Westberg D., Stackhouse P., Jr., McRae D., Jin Ji-Zh., Tchebakova N., Parfenova E., Ivanova G., Sukhinin A. “Analysis of the ability of large-scale reanalysis data to define Siberian fire danger in preparation for future fire prediction”
Session 4
1. Dyukarev E.A., Golovatskaya E.A. “Analysis of spatial variability of net primary production for oligotrophic mire using space images”
2. Grodnitskaya I.D., Evgrafova S.Yu. “Microbiological methane emission in arctic and sub-arctic ecosystems of Siberia
3. Kharanzhevskaya Yu.A. “Estimation of organic substances content and flow in a river basin”
4. Kolmakova M.V., Kouraev A.V., Zakharova E.A., Kirpotin S.N., Zemtsov V.A., Mognard N.M. “Natural regimes of the North-Western Siberian Wetlands: hydrological and ecological indicators”
5. Malakhova V.V., Golubeva E.N. “Anomalies of dissolved methane in the Arctic waters according to the observed data and results of numerical modeling
18:10-19:30 Posters to Sessions 1-4

July 8, Thursday
9:00 Session 5. Air pollution transport and climate change. Chairs Alexander Baklanov and Vladimir Penenko
Invited lectures
1. Baklanov A., Lawrence M., Pandis S., and MEGAPOLI teamMEGAPOLI: concept and current results of megacity multi-scale impacts on atmospheric composition and climate
2. Penenko V.V. “Models and methods for solution of interconnected problems of environment and climate”
Invited reports
1. Esau I. “Large-scale urban boundary layer turbulence: An example of large-eddy simulations for a megacity
2. Penenko V.V., Tsvetova E.A. “Direct and inverse relations having an impact on formation of hydrodynamic regime and quality of the atmosphere”
11:00-11:30 Coffee break
Oral reports
1. Antokhin P.N., Arshinov M.Yu., Belan B.D., Belan S.B., Sklyadneva T.K., Tolmachev G.N. “Long-term variability of the ozone and aerosols over Tomsk and simulation of their annual mean concentrations for the next decade”
2. Arshinov M.Yu., Belan B.D., Belan S.B., Ivlev, G.A. Kozlov A.V., Tolmachev G.N., Fofofnov A.V. “Blocking role of Ural Mountains in the impurity transport over Eurasia
3. Dubrovskaya O.A., Klimova E.G. “Simulation of gaseous fire pollutants transport using the ensemble of backward trajectories”
4. Skrynyk O.Y. “Forming mechanism of a large scale spot-like structure of the total deposition due to a powerful elevated source
5. Raputa V.F., Kokovkin V.V., Morozov S.V., Olkin S.E. “Experimental investigation of snow cover regional contamination processes by cities of the south of West Siberia”
12:45-14:15 Lunch
Short oral reports
1. Baklanov A., Sass B.H., Mahura A., Korsholm U.S., Nuterman R., Nielsen K.P., Nielsen N.W., Petersen C, Sattler K. , Xiaohua Yang, Ashraf Zakey “Enviro-HIRLAM: Environment – HIgh Resolution Limited Area Model: research and development, technical support and science education
2. Balakay L., Mirkarimova B., Zakarin E., Mahura A., Baklanov A.,. Sorensen J.H “Multi-Scale GIS Modelling: Radionuclide Transport from the Semipalatinsk Polygon”
3. Belikov D.A., Saeki T., Maksyutov S. “Application of National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) transport model for global modeling of greenhouse gases”
4. Galashev A.E., Rakhmanova O.R. “Molecular dynamics simulation of ozone distruction”
5. Jaroslavtseva T.V., Raputa V.F. “Numerical reconstruction of volcanic ashes sedimentation fields
6. Kokovkin V.V., .Raputa V.F., Devyatova A.Yu. “Comparative estimation of atmosphere and snow cover long-term contamination at Novosibirsk Hydrometeoservice net stationary posts”
7. Mahura A., Baklanov A., Rivina O. “Long-term dispersion modelling of atmospheric pollution transport and deposition and assessment for middle and northern latitudes”
8. Mahura A., Nuterman R., Petrova I., Amstrup B. “Atmospheric chemical transport and trajectory modelling for elevated ozone episodes and climatological patterns”
9. Mahura A., Korsholm U., Baklanov A., Petersen C., Rasmussen A. “Birch pollen: modelling, spatial and temporal variability, elevated episodes, potential source regions, emissions parametrizations, and future research
10. Mezhibor A.M. “Raised peat bogs as indicators of biosphere pollution”
11. Nuterman R., Baklanov A., Amstrup B., Karlsson K., Balyk O. “Minimization of impact on the environment and optimization of energy production/ consumption in Denmark”
12. Nuterman R., Baklanov A., Mahura A., Amstrup B., Sass B.H., Weismann J. “Methodological aspects of Core-Downstream Service for European Air Quality Forecasts downscaling from regional to street level
13. Penenko V.V., Baklanov A., Tsvetova E.A., Mahura A. “Application of variational methods of inverse modelling for environmental risk/vulnerability assessment
14. Petrova I.Y., Mahura A.G., Dubasov Yu.V., Pakhomov S.A.Identification of radioactive noble gases sources in the North-West Russia (Cherepovets Region)
15. Rykova V. “Atmospheric pollution in Siberia and the Far East: information aspects of the problem”
16. Sukovatov K.Y. “Correlation between integral aerosol optical depth and integral water content of atmosphere”
17. Vivchar A.V., Moiseenko K.B. “Estimations of atmospheric emissions of carbon monoxide from natural fires in Northern Eurasia for applications in atmospheric transport studies and climate modeling, and assessment of the regional impact of biomass burning emissions with observations at Zotino station in remote Central Siberia
15:50-16:20 Coffee break
16:20 Session 6. Observational and ICT infrastructure support of regional scale environmental studies
Session 6.1. Ground based monitoring. Chairs Boris Belan and Vyacheslav Razuvaev
Invited lecture
Nikitin S.A. “Estimation of glacier volumes using radio echo-sounding: case study in Altai Mountains
Invited reports
1. Razuvaev V.N., Bulygina O.N. “Information support of climate monitoring
2. Arshinov M.Yu., Balin Yu.S., Belan B.D., Bobrovnikov S.M., Burlakov V.D., Davydov D.K., Inoue G., Matvienko G.G., Machida T., Panchenko M.V., Fofonov A.V. “Systems and results of aerosol and climatic active gas observations in Siberia”
17:30 – 19:00 Posters to Session 5

July 9, Friday
9:00 Session 6.1.
3. Krutikov V.A. “Complex monitoring of modern climatic and ecosystem changes in Siberia
4. Kabanov M.V., Smirnov S.V. “Regional Observing Network for Climate and Environmental Monitoring (RONCEM)
5. Elansky N., Skorokhod A., Lavrova O., Pankratova N., Shumsky R., Timkovsky J. “Ground based observations of atmospheric chemistry in Northern Eurasia using TROICA train platform and ZOTTO station”
Oral report
Nagorsky P.M., Ippolitov I.I., Kabanov M.V., Multzina N.A., Smirnov S.V. “Ground-based monitoring of meteorological and electrical quantities (in the conditions of prestorm environment)”
10:20 Session 6.2. Space based monitoring. Chairs Gerard Begni and Vladimir Krutikov
Invited lecture
1. Kudashev E.B. “Conception and approach for development of distributed geoinformation infrastructure of satellite data: system components and interaction”
11:00-11:30 Coffee break
Invited reports
1. Maksyutov S., Yoshida Y., Saito R., Saeki T., Belikov D., Oda T., Watanabe H., Yokota T. “First year of monitoring the greenhouse gases from space with GOSAT”
2. Begni G. “Studying cryosphere from Space: background, the US Icesat and ESA Cryosat projects”
Oral reports
1. Tsolmon R. “Investigation the dynamics of land use and land cover change using Remote Sensing in some parts of Mongolia
2. Kobayashi N., Inoue G. “Emission of greenhouse gases from wildfires in Eastern Siberia observed from space”
3. Dmitriev E.V., Kozoderov V.V., Borzyak V.V., Sokolov A.A. “Regional hyperspectral airborne remote sensing of soil and vegetation cover
4. Chernokulsky A.V., Mokhov I.I. “Comparison of cloudiness from satellite, ground-based and reanalyses data and GCM simulations
Session 6.3. Information-computational infrastructure. Chairs Anatoly Fedotov and Efim Kudashev
Invited reports
1. Pestunov I.A., Fedotov A.M. “Information support of interdisciplinary research for development and analysis of dynamic model of biosphere”
13:30-14:30 Lunch
2. Klimova E.G. “Monitoring of environment on the basis of data assimilation system”
3. Molorodov Yu.I., Shirshov P.E., Min’kov V.S. “Information system for storing and processing data learning environment”
Oral reports
1. Gordov E.P., Okladnikov I.G., Titov A.G., Shulgina T.M. “Development of geoinformation web-system for processing and analysis of large archives of spatially distributed data”
2. Pushistov P.Yu., Dikunets V.A., Zemtsov V.A., Romanenko R.D., Danchev V.N. “Decision support systems for water resources management of river basin. The review of methods, models and applications
3. Glagolev V.A., Kogan R.M. “Development of GIS modules to create predictive maps of vegetation fires (for example, the Jewish Autonomous Region)”
4. Vladimirov I.N. “Geoinformation modeling and scenario approach in the decision making support system of the forest management of a region”
5. Firsov К.М., Chesnokova T.Yu., Voronina Yu.V., Kozodoeva E.V. “Radiative transfer models in the internet-accessible information-computational system “Atmospheric radiation”
16:25-16:55 Coffee break
Short oral reports to Sessions 6.1-6.3
Session 6.1
1. Belolipetsky P.V. “Estimating CO2 fluxes over a boreal forest from tall tower mixing ratio measurements
2. Bezuglova N.N., Zinchenko G.S., Sutorikhin I.A. “Application of ultrasonic weather complex for monitoring of town surface air”
3. Kolotkov G.A., Penin S.T. “Monitoring of radioactive emission from NPP in real time”
4. Penenko A.V. “Estimating thermal diffusivity of soil via an inverse problem solution”
Session 6.2
1. Kalaeva A.A., Konovalova D.A. “Landscape analysis of Bakchar bog”
2. Kataev M.Yu., Andreev A.G. “Technique of CO2 total content retrieving from satellite data by means of neural network approach”
3. Kataev M.Yu., Andreev A.G. “Technique of CO2 concentration profile retrieving from satellite data by means of neural network approach”
4. Kataev M.Yu., Lukianov A.K. “Information-processing software for satellite signal modeling in global scale”
5. Lagutin A.A., Abramov A.A., Lagutin Al.A., Shmakov I.A. “Integration of MODIS measurements and mesoscale climatic model forecasts for evaluation of forest fire risk in Altai region
6. Lagutin A.A., Zhukov A.P., Shmakov I.A. “Atmospheric correction of the MODIS data
7. Larrivee M., Almond R., Taff G., Fonji S. “Monitoring and Modeling the Spread of the Poisonous, Invasive Giant Hogweed in Latvia Using Satellite Image Analysis
8. Shmakov I.A., Lagutin A.A. “Daily maps of the bi-directional reflectance distribution function over the Siberian region based on the MODIS data
Session 6.3
1. Danchev V.N., Pushistov P. Yu., Kirillov V.V., Dyachenko A.V. “Information system as the tool of research of an ecosystem dynamics of a deep reservoir and its basin (on example of lake Teletskoye)”
2. Poreh D., Fiorani L. “IDL script for visualizing and analyzing Laser remote sensing (Lidar) data”
3. Romanenko R.D., Viktorov E.V., Pushistov P.Yu. “Results of the comparative analysis of sensitivity 2,5 D models CE-QUAL-W2 and 1 D models Mike-11 at reproduction of a hydrological mode of the river Northern Sosva area”
4. Savchyn O., Bun R. “Mathematical modelling and geo-information system for analysis of climatic parameters for the areal of forests species: Ukraine case study
5. Shmakov I.A., Lagutin A.A. “P2P filesharing network as a mean to distribute large sets of geophysical data: a model”
6. Sokolov A., Augustin P., Dmitriev E., Delbarre H., Willart V., Fourmentin M. “Calculation and analysis of forecast error covariance for the regional data assimilation in the costal area
7. Sorokovoy A.A. “Research into the landscape structure of the Baikal Natural Territory
8. Titov A.G., Gordov E.P., Okladnikov I.G. “Architecture of software framework for development of web-systems for georeferenced data analysis”
9. Titov A.G., Gordov E.P., Okladnikov I.G. “Web portal for dissemination of remote sensing data for Northern Eurasia
10. Abasov N.V., Vetrova V.V. “Wavelet transform application in the information-forecasting software “Gipsar””
11. Hamada A., Kamiguchi K., Arakawa O., Yasutomi N., Yatagai A. "New high-resolution daily gridded precipitation data set for Eurasia, APHRODITE: Performance, quality control, and first results"

18:30- 20:00 Posters to Sessions 6.1-6.3

July 10, Saturday
9:00 Session 7. Regional environment and biodiversity risks and socio-economic impact. Chairs Natalia Lukina and Kirsten de Beurs
Invited lectures
1. de Beurs K.M., Kokkinidis I., Wright C.K., Henebry G.M. “Dual scale trend analysis to evaluate climatic and anthropogenic effects on the vegetated land surface in Russia and Kazakhstan”
2. Lukina N. “Forest biodiversity and climate change”
Oral reports
1. Dyukarev E.A., Pologova N.N., Golovatskaya E.A. “Human impact on vegetation in the South and Sub-Taiga of Western Siberia”
2. Sirin A., Minayeva T. “Peatlands environmental functions and biodiversity: climate change and human impacts”
11:00 -11:30 Coffee break
11:30 Session 8. Geo-referenced geophysical data and semantic web: Basics and Applications. Chairs Vladimir Serebryakov and Vladimir Gershenzon
Invited lecture
Serebryakov V.A. “Infrastructure of distributed storage environment, search and conversion of spatial data”
Invited reports

1. Gershenzon V.E. “Space technologies and geo-portals: two main components of globalization”
2. Cherkashin A.K. “Spatial data, knowledge, models and theories in geoinformatic modeling”
12:50-14:00 Lunch
Short oral reports to Sessions 7 and 8
Session 7
1. Panchenko E.M., Dukarev A.G. “Environment risks at the territory between rivers Ob’ and Tom’”
2. Tungalag A., Tsolmon R. “Human impact analysis on land-cover in Mongolia
3. Zhuk E.A., Goroshkevich S.N., Velisevich S.N. “Factors of Siberian stone pine ecological and geographical differentiation along latitudinal and altitudinal transects”
Session 8
1. Kataev S.G., Kataev M.Yu. “Classification method of spatio-temporal behavior of the geophysical data fields”
14:30-15:00 Posters to Sessions 7 and 8
15:00 Session 9. Open Meeting of Russian National Committee for IGBP: Development of Siberia Integrated Regional Study. Chairs Evgeny Gordov and Evgeny Vaganov
16:00-16:30 Coffee break
16:30 Session 10. Open Meeting of APN project "Human Impact on Land-cover Changes in the Heart of Asia". Chair Igor Okladnikov

July 11, Sunday

Boat trip