Siberian center for Environmental Research and Training

Interdisciplinary integration project «Ecological Problems of Siberian Cities»

The goal of the project is to conduct multidisciplinary scientific research of the basic questions: how do cities change hydrothermodynamic behaviour and composition of atmosphere and how do these changes affect the quality of life, public health and quality of environment.

Main goals and objectives of the project:
  1. To create a method of conducting of multidisciplinary ecological examinations of acting and planned potentially dangerous objects.
  2. To develop schemes of city territories zoning according to the environmental risks degree and biosphere and human fragility.
  3. To develop the complex of models and the system for modeling of mesoclimate and pollution transport in a typical city against a background of dynamically changing large-scale processes.
  4. To investigate possible changes of city mesoclimates and environment quality following a change of land use regimes.
  5. To develop a method of exposure of prerequisites for environmentally negative situations under conditions of city mesoclimates.
  6. To develop a method of assessment of toxic transformation products for typical ranges of preceding substances in the city atmosphere.
  7. To develop a mathematical model of chemical block for complex environmental model of Siberian cities.