Siberian center for Environmental Research and Training

Program Committee

The CITES-2013 Program Committee is headed by Academician V.P. Dymnikov (Institute for Numerical Mathematics, Russia).


Program committee:

Prof. A. Baklanov (DMI, Denmark), RAS Corresponding Member N.F. Elanskii (Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Russia), RAS Corresponding Member N.N. Filatov (Institute of Northern Water Problems, Russia), Prof. E.P. Gordov (SCERT/IMCES, Russia), Dr. P. Groisman (NOAA, USA), Prof. V.N. Krupchatnikov (Siberian Hydrometeorology Research Institute  and Institute for Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics, Russia), Dr. Sci. V.A. Krutikov (Institute of Monitoring of Climatic and Ecological Systems, Russia), Prof. M. Kulmala (FMI, Finland), RAS Corresponding Member V.N. Lykosov (Institute for Numerical Mathematics and the Moscow State University, Russia), Prof. V.V. Mazalov (Institute of Applied Mathematical Research, Russia),   RAS corresponding member I.I. Mokhov  (Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Russia), Prof. V.V. Penenko (Institute for Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics, Russia), Prof. A.A. Rogov (Petrozavodsk State University), Prof. L.A. Rukhovets (Institute of Economics and Mathematics, Russia), Prof. Ch. Schmullius (Friedrich - Schiller-University, Germany), Prof. A.Z. Shvidenko (International Institute for Applied System Analysis, Austria), Dr. V.T. Vdovitsyn (KarRC RAS, Russia), Prof. S. Zilitinkevich (FMI, Finland), RAS Corresponding Member V.V. Zuev (IMCES, Russia).