Siberian center for Environmental Research and Training

Sessions planned

Sessions planned:

1. Local and remote observations. Organizers/Chairs Luca Fiorani and Alexander Tikhomirov

2. Remote sensing and GIS. Organizers/Chairs Edige Zakarin and Vladimir Krutikov

3. Environmental data handling. Organizers/Chairs Gerard Begni and Alexander Fazliev

4. Urban and Regional Environmental Modeling. Organizers/Chairs Alexander Baklanov and Vladimir Penenko

5. Hydrologic Systems. Organizers/Chairs Stepan Shwartsev and Oleg Vasiliev

6. Assessment of Soil and Vegetation Cover. Organizers/Chairs Evgeny Vaganov and Anatoly Dukarev

7. Environment and Climatic Change Assessment and Modeling. Organizers/Chairs Evgeny Gordov and Vasily Lykosov  

8. Workshop on Development of Siberia Integrated Regional Study. Organizers/Chairs Gerard Begni, Evgueni Gordov, Martin Heimann, Martin Koenig, Vasily Lykosov, Evgeny Vaganov and Anatoly Shvidenko with a support of SCERT and MEDIAS-France.
8.1 Presentation of FP6, INTAS, ISTC, NASA and RFBR key ongoing projects on Siberia environment
8.2 Presentation of SB RAS key environmental integrated projects
8.3 Climate Change Impact Assessment and Adaptation and presentation of the CIRCLE ERA-NET Project
8.4 Siberia Integrated Regional Study: Development and Perspectives
8.5 Presentation of opportunities opened within FP7, INTAS and other International Programs for NIS researchers involvement into environmental RTD projects
8.6 Poster session Presentation of results of performed environmental project

9. Workshop on Man-Made Environmental Risks: Control and Rehabilitation of Environment. Organizers/Chairs Alexander Baklanov, Evgeny Gordov, Michael Kabanov, Alexander Tikhomirov, Anatoly Dyukarev, with a support of IMCES SB RAS and SCERT
9.1 New methods and tools for environment control
9.2 Technologies of environment and climate monitoring
9.3 Technologies of environment conservation and rehabilitation
9.4 Monitoring, Management and Remediation of Man-made Changes in Siberia: FP6 Coordination Action Enviro–RISKS

10. Workshop on validation of land cover maps in West Siberia and future expansion of validation site network (NELDA project). Organizers/chairs:  Olga Krankina, Anatoly Dyukarev, Evgeny Gordov, with the support of Oregon University, IMCES SB RAS and SCERT
10.1 Northern Eurasia Land Dynamics Analysis (NELDA) Project Overview
10.2 Land-cover change monitoring needs in West Siberia and plans for a validation site
10.3 Local experience with coarse resolution land-cover products
10.4 Discussion of future expansion of NELDA network

11. Thematic short course "Information engineering and services for the urban environment". Lecturer: Prof. Dr-Eng. Kostas Karatzas