Siberian center for Environmental Research and Training

Preliminary program

CITES 2011 Program


July 9, 09:00 AM -07:00 PM

Practical Session (Boat trip to examine change of the state of environment of the Tom' river: On-going processes and projections)

 July 10

09:30  Session 1. Regional atmosphere modeling  

Invited reports

1. Penenko V.V.  (ICM&MG SB RAS)

Numerical modelling of regional scale processes in the atmosphere and environment in context of global changes

2. Tarasova O., Jalkanen L. (WMO)

Atmospheric Composition Observations and Analysis in the Framework of the WMO Global Atmosphere Watch Programme

3. Kurbatskiy A.F. (NSU)

Eddy mixing in planetary boundary layer under stronger stratification: study with use mesoscale atmospheric model

11:00 - 11:30 Break

4. Krupchatnikov V., Borovko I., Martynova Yu. (SGI, ICM&MG SB RAS)

On influence of a variation of heating sources on structure baroclinic turbulence and thermal stratification of the extratropical troposphere

5. Shlychkov V.A. (IWEP SB RAS), Klepikova N.V. (RPA "Typhoon")

Model of moisture-induced phase transitions as a tool for prediction of mesoscale precipitation

6. Rivin G.S. (Hydrometcentre of Russia, MSU), Rozinkina I.A., Perov V.L. (Hydrometcentre of Russia, MSU), Surkova G.V. (MSU, Hydrometcentre of Russia), Alferov D.Ju. (Hydrometcentre of Russia), Blinov D.B. (MSU,
Hydrometcentre of Russia), Bundel A.Ju. (Hydrometcentre of Russia), Kazakova E.V., Kirsanov A.A., (MSU, Hydrometcentre of Russia),  Revokatova A.P. (IE&GC, Hydrometcentre of Russia), Sapuntsova E.V.
(MSU, Hydrometcentre of Russia).

The Nonhydrostatic Short-range Mesoscale Weather Forecast System COSMO-RU: Current Status and Prospects

13:00 - 14:00 Lunch

Oral reports

1. Yudin M.S.  (ICM&MG SB RAS)

Monitoring and simulation of cold front propagation in the atmosphere

2. Kurbatskaya L.I. (ICM&MG SB RAS)

Structure of a wind field in stably stratified atmospheric boundary layer: results of numerical modeling

3. Mordvinov V.I., Devyatova E.V. (ISTP SB RAS)

Simulation of the atmospheric low-frequency fluctuations propagation over Eurasia

4. Fadeev R.Yu., Tolstykh M.A. (INM RAS, Hydrometcentre of Russia)

Method of numerical solution of nonhydrostatic equations of compressible atmosphere in the weather forecast problem

Short oral reports

1. Shiryaev M.V., Rubinstein K.G., Ignatov R.Y., Bychkova V.I. (Hydrometcentre of Russia)

Preliminary estimates of experimental systems forecast meteorological hazards for Murmansk region based on WRF model

2. Chechin D.G. (IAP RAS), Luepkes Ch. (AWI), Repina I.A. (IAP RAS)

Mesoscale modelling of cold-air outbreaks in the Arctic: the effect of spatial resolution and numerical filtering on the ocean-atmosphere energy exchange

3. Devyatova E.V., Mordvinov V.I. (ISTP SB RAS)

Propagation of the tropospheric low-frequency fluctuations over Eurasia

4. Smirnova M.M. (Hydrometcentre of Russia)

Effect of data assimilation in mesoscale model WRF

5. Novikov I.S. (MPTI), Agoshkov V.I. (INM RAS)

About one problem on local sources and local observations

6. Kochetkova O.S. (ISTP SB RAS)

Spatial structure and dynamic of the averaged and eddy kinetic energy of atmospheric movements

15:30 Session 2. Regional land surface modeling

Invited report

1. Dmitriev E.V. (INM RAS), Kozoderov V.V. (MSU), Kamentsev V.P. (TSU), Sokolov A.A. (UniversitЁ¦ du Littoral)

Thematic processing of airborne hyperspectral images of forest fire scenes

16:00 - 16:30Break

Oral report

1. Dyukarev E.A. (IMCES SB RAS)

Modeling of thermal properties of peat soil

Short oral reports

1. Shlyaeva A.(MSTU, Hydrometcentre of Russia), Tolstykh M. (Hydrometcentre of Russia, INM RAS)

Local ensemble Kalman filter data assimilation for the weather forecast: shallow water model tests

2. Shashkin V.V., Tolstykh M.A. (Hydrometcentre of Russia, INM RAS)

Global mass-conservative semi-Lagrangian shallow water model on the reduced grid

3. Timoshok E.N., Timoshok E.E. (IMCES SB RAS)

Modeling of dynamics of vegetation cover during plant succession at moraines of Actru glacier, Severo-Chuisky range

4. Shumakova D.M. (TPU), Dyukarev E.A. (IMCES SB RAS), Reshetko M.V. (TPU)

Simulation of level regime for bog waters

5. Mahura A., Petersen C., Sattler K., Sass B.H. (DMI)

Fine-Scale road stretch forecasting: improvements due to applications of high resolution databases

6. Bychkova V.I. (Hydrometcentre of Russia), Rubinstein K.G. (Hydrometcentre of Russia), Makshtas A.P. (IAA), Ignatov R.Y. (Hydrometcentre of Russia), Shutilin S.V. (IAA)

Modeling the characteristics of the earth surface in the Arctic using the regional model WRF and dynamic-thermodynamic model of sea ice cover (Institute of Arctic and Antarctic)

7. Polishchuk V.Y. (IMCES SB RAS), Krutikov V.A. (IMCES SB RAS), Polishchuk Y.M. (IPC SB RAS)

Modeling of dynamics of thermokarst processes on the surface of the permafrost under global warming

17:20 - 19:00 Reports of YSS participants on results of practical courses

July 11

09:00 Session 3. Regional climate modeling

Invited reports

1. Tolstykh M. (Hydrometcentre of Russia, INM RAS), Diansky N. (INM RAS), Gusev A. (INM RAS), Kiktev D. (Hydrometcentre of Russia)

Coupled atmosphere-ocean model for seasonal prediction

2. Andronova N. (University of Michigan, USA)

Climate feedbacks concept:  Simplicity versus complexity

3. Alexeev V. (International Arctic Research Center, University of Alaska, USA)

Polar amplification feedbacks

10:30 - 11:00 Break

4. Eliseev A.V. (IAP RAS)

Uncertainty of climate and carbon cycle changes in the21st century due to uncertainty in values of governing parameters for terrestrial biota: a Bayesian assessment

5. Platov G.A., Golubeva E.N., Kuzin V.I. (ICM&MG SB RAS)

Role of Siberian river discharge in the Arctic freshwater balance

Oral reports

1. Kostrykin S.V. (INM RAS)

Modification and implementation of the CABARET scheme in the Coupled Climate Model INM RAS

2. Chavro A.I., Kadantsev E.V. (INM RAS)

Nonlinear method of solving inverse problems as applied to the tasks of climatology

3. Bogomolov V.Yu. , Gordov E.P. (IMCES SB RAS)

Software packages for regional modeling of meteorological fields with the high spatial resolution

12:45 - 14:00 Lunch

4. Podnebesnykh N.V., Gorbatenko V.P., Ippolitov I.I. (IMCES SB RAS)

Long-term dynamics of anticyclones over Siberia

5. Loginov S.V., Ippolitov I.I., Kabanov M.V., Kharyutkina E.V. (IMCES SB RAS)

Influence of radiative balance and atmospheric circulation variability on the climate of Asian territory of Russia

6. Voropay N.N., Istomina E.I., Vasilenko O.V. (IG SB RAS)

Modeling of air temperature at Tunkinskaya Hollow with the use of Landsat space images

Short oral reports

1. Krayneva M.V. (NSU)

Using nested grids for numerical simulation of some ocean processes

2. Ilina A.A., Ogorodnikov V.A. (ICM&MG SB RAS)

Numerical stochastic model of non-stationary time series of air temperature and module of wind speed

3. Marchenko O.Yu. (ISTP SB RAS), Mordvinov V.I. (ISTP SB RAS), Berezhnykh T.V. (ESI SB RAS)

Features of the summer atmospheric circulation and precipitation anomaly in the Selenge River basin

4. Chernov I.A. (IAMR KSC RAS)

Simulating General Monthly-Mean State of the White Sea

5. Kharyutkina E.V., Ippolitov I.I., Loginov S.V. (IMCES SB RAS)

Variability of surface air temperature and atmospheric circulation indices with height over the Asian territory of Russia

6. Yusupova D.F. (ICM&MG SB RAS)

Numerical modeling of the Atlantic water circulation in the Arctic Ocean

7. Shevchenko G.A. (ARIE)

Influence factors on climatic system of Mountain Altai and their basic consequences

15:20 - 15:50 Break

15:50 - 17:30 Poster presentations for Sessions 1-3

July 12

09:00 Session 4. Monitoring and assessment of on-going climatic changes in Northern Eurasia

Invited reports

1. Groisman P. (NCDC NOAA)

Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative (NEESSPI): Update

2. Kabanov M.V. (IMCES SB RAS)

Siberian net for integrated monitoring of natural and climatic processes

3. Gordov E. (IMCES SB RAS)

On-going changes of Siberia climate: data, approach and some characteristics

4. Chernokulsky A.V., Mokhov I.I. (IAP RAS)

Intercomparison of pan-Arctic cloud cover climatologies from different observations and reanalyses

11:00 - 11:30Break

Oral reports

1. Shishlov V.I.  (IMCES SB RAS)

Data processing and matrix description of monitoring results for assessment of natural and climatic changes

2. Kataev S.G., Kataev M.Yu. (TSUCSR)

Research of the spatial structures of CO2 concentration profiles on territories of Western Siberia

Short oral reports

1. Zuev S.V., Krasnenko N.P. (IMCES SB RAS)

Information-measuring system for monitoring the cloudiness state

2. Pankratov F. (RPA "Typhoon"), Mahura A. (DMI), Katz O. (B-Service Ltd), Konoplev A. (RPA "Typhoon")

Behavior dynamics of elementary mercury in the atmospheric surface layer in the Russian Arctic during eruption of the Eyjafjallaj§иkull volcano in Iceland

12:10 Session 5. Geosphere-biosphere interactions and global bio-geochemical cycles

Invited reports 

1. Zuev V.V.  (IMCES SB RAS)

Influence of stratospheric volcanic disturbances on ecosystem and climate

2. Krutikov V.A. (IMCES SB RAS)

Biosphere processes in Siberia initiated by the climate change

13:10 - 14:00 Lunch

Oral reports

1. Stepanenko V. (MSU), Bogomolov V. (IMCES SB RAS), Okladnikov I. (IMCES SB RAS), Yurova A. (Hydrometcentre of Russia), Gordov E. (IMCES SB RAS), Lykosov V. (INM RAS, MSU)

Modeling and monitoring approaches to assessment of methane and carbon dioxide sinks and sources in the regional climate system of Western Siberia

2. Raputa V.F., Yaroslavtseva T.V. (ICM&MG SB RAS)

Models of volcanic ash fields reconstruction

3. Golovatskaya E.A., Dyukarev E.A. (IMCES SB RAS)

CO2 emission during peat defreeze

4. Golubyatnikov L.L., Arzhanov M.M., Zavalishin N.N. (IAP RAS)

Climate change impact on the dynamics of carbon and nitrogen fluxes in Russian terrestrial ecosystems

Short oral report

1. Tkachuk S.V., Rubinshtein K.G. (Hydrometcentre of Russia)

Comparative analysis of bioclimatic indexes for prediction using a mesoscale model

15:05 Session 6. Data and information-computational systems&infrastructure for Earth System Sciences and Northern Eurasia applications

Invited reports

1. Prusevich A., Shiklomanov A., Lammers R. (University of New Hampshire)
RIMS: An Integrated Mapping and Analysis System with Application to Siberia

2. Alexeev V. (International Arctic Research Center, University of Alaska, USA)

WRF: A versatile modern tool for Arctic Climate System studies

16:05 - 16:30 Break

3. Klimova E.G. (ICT SB RAS)

Computing aspects of an environment estimation on the basis of the observational data

4. Kudashev E.B., Belov A.F., Filonov A.N. (SRI RAS)

E-science problems for Earth sciences: access scientific information resources

Oral reports

1. Okladnikov I.G., Gordov E.P. , Titov A.G. , Shulgina T.M. (IMCES SB RAS)

Development of geo-information web-system for georefenced data analysis

2. Potapov V.P., Kharlampenkov I.E. (IC SB RAS)

Use of Internet technologies for analyzing and monitoring the seismic situation of mining in the region

3. Rykova V.V. (SPSTL SB RAS)

Internet-oriented data base of SPSTL SB RAS as an information base of researches on geosciences and ecology

19:00 Conference Diner (Scientist's Club)

July 13


Short oral reports

1. Shulgina T.M., Gordov E.P., Okladnikov I.G., Titov A.G. (IMCES SB RAS)
Computational module of geoinformational web-system for climate change analysis: method, data and results for Siberia

2. Titov A.G., Gordov E.P., Okladnikov I.G. (IMCES SB RAS)
Software framework for development of web-systems for georeferenced data analysis

3. Kataev M.Yu., Zinoviev A.V., Chmel E.A. (TSUCSR)
Accounting of the relief and spectral reflecting of earth surface in preprocesing of reflected solar radiation satellite data

4. Kataev M.Yu., Kataev S.G., Andreev A.G., Bazelyuk S.A. (TSUCSR)
Comparison of the nonparametric approaches to retrieving of CO2 total content from satellites measurements

5. Tatarskii F.E., Turchanovskii I.Yu., Kolobov O.S. (IHCE SB RAS)
XRX architecture and Z39.50 protocol

6. Kilanova N., Klimova E. (ICT SB RAS)
Numerical experiments on the CO2 data assimilation for Siberian Region

7. Glagolev V.A. Kogan R.M. (ICARP FEB RAS)

Development of GIS for estimation of the fire seasons tension (by example of the Jewish Autonomous Region and Khabarovsk Territory)

10:30 Session 7. Regional consequences of climate change: biodiversity, environmental and social-economic risks

Invited report

1. Kokovkin V.V. (NIIC SB RAS), Raputa V.F. (ICM&MG SB RAS), Devyatova A.Yu. (IOC SB RAS)
Experimental investigation and numerical analysis of regional contamination processes by cities areas in the south of West Siberia

Oral report

1. Polishchuk Yu., Peremitina T. (IPC SB RAS)

Simulation system of radioecological risk zones based on dendrochronoindication data. 

Short oral reports

1. Mahura A. (DMI), Gonzalez-Aparicio I. (TECNALIA R&I), Nuterman R. (DMI, TSU), Baklanov A. (DMI)

Modelling and evaluation of concentration, deposition and loadings patterns resulted from continuous emissions of the Severonickel smelters (Kola Peninsula)

2. Borzenkova A.V., Shmakin A.B. (GI RAS)

Changes of applied cold season characteristics for 1950-2006 in Russia

3. Konstantinova D.A. (HTPI TPU)

Determination of lightning discharges density on the territory of Western Siberia.

11:30 - 12:00 Break

12:00 - 13:30 Poster presentations for Sessions 4-7

13:30 - 15:00 Lunch

15:00 Round Table Coming IPCC Assessment Reports: Does NEESPI&SIRS have a future? (V. Alexeev, N. Andronova, A. Eliseev, E. Gordov, P. Groisman, V. Lykosov)

General discussion and adjourn