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First Announcement and Call for Papers

First Announcement and Call for Papers

Institute of Monitoring of Climatic and Ecological Systems SB RAS, Institute for Numerical Mathematics RAS, Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics SB RAS, Research Computing Center of Moscow State University and Tomsk State University (TSU) with the support of international organizations holds a tenth scientific and educational event, consisting of Young Scientists School (20-25 June, 2015, Tomsk, Russia) and an international conference on Computational Information Technologies for Environmental Sciences CITES-2015 (26-30 June, 2015, Tomsk, Russia).

The conference will feature invited, initiative and brief oral presentations with further poster sessions. One session will be dedicated to the 90th anniversary of academician V.E. Zuev.  To date, the basis of the program consists of already received papers of well-known Russian and foreign experts invited by the Organizing Committee. In particular, following specialists confirmed their participation and presented topics of invited talks: Dr.Sci. V.N. Krupchatnikov (ICM&MG SB RAS), Dr.Sci. E.N. Golubeva (ICM&MG SB RAS), Prof. Dr. Karen Helen Wiltshire, Dr. Alexandra Kraberg, Dr. Paul Overduin (Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research, Germany), Prof. A.F. Kurbatskii (Novosibirsk State University), Prof. V.V. Penenko (ICM&MG SB RAS), Dr.Sci.  M.Grigoriev (Permafrost Institute SB RAS) and others.

Invited talks and review by Program Committee initiative talks will create the basic content of the following sections of the Program.

Sessions planned

Session 1 in commemoration of ac. V.E. Zuev. Modeling and analysis of regional atmospheric processes.
It is known that regional atmospheric processes affect the state of the atmosphere on a global scale. A detailed study of such processes and their adequate consideration of regional climate models is of great importance. The session will be devoted to the research and analysis of regional atmospheric processes and regional climate models.

Session 2. Reports of school participants on the results of case studies.
During a practical training groups of 3-4 persons will perform tasks on the basis of information resources of Tomsk State University. Each group will present 15-minute report on the obtained results. After the event, participants schools receive certificates with a list of courses taken and the results of the work performed.

Session 3. Modeling and analysis of state of the regional underlying surface and its hydrological regime.
An underlying surface and its hydrological regime are important components of the climate system to influence its functioning. Reports on the analysis of the current state of the underlying surface and hydrological regime, and the modeling of the dynamics of the surface at the possible scenarios of climate change will be presented in this session.

Session 4. Modeling and analysis of regional climate.
Climatic changes in the major regions of the world have an impact on the functioning of the whole Earth system. Therefore, a detailed study of ongoing climates change at a regional level and their incorporation into global climate models are very important. The session will be devoted to manifestations of regional climate change and regional climate models, in particular, a detailed discussion of the state and dynamics of the environment of Northern Eurasia and its interaction with global change.

Session 5. Data and information-computational systems for Earth sciences.
Different data sets, as well as various information-computational systems for processing the data, are widely used for predicting, modeling and interpretation of climate and ecosystem changes at different spatial and temporal scales. The session will be devoted to discussion of the availability of data and formats used in the geosciences, methods of data exchange, and information-computational systems for processing data archives. Applications of information and computing systems to solve specific problems will be presented.

Session 6. Complex study of the state and climate variability of the East Siberian sector of Arctic.
East - Siberian region of the Arctic shelf is a unique natural complex where climatic changes of recent decades are most pronounced. There exists intense coastal erosion in the region due to the ongoing warming. The high methane concentrations in the shelf waters point to a sedimentary source which is likely associated with thawing of the underwater permafrost and releases gas from the shallow Arctic gas hydrate. In particular, the section will present the results of multidisciplinary studies carried out in the framework of the Russian-German project to study the basic mechanisms of interaction between inland and shelf zone water as well as the factors that determine the response of Arctic ecosystems to ongoing climate change.

The Program Committee will invite key specialists in the research area to present invited lectures, describing the state of the art in the targeted areas (1 hour), and invited papers, describing recent important inputs into the research domain (30 min). Also a limited number of papers will be selected for oral presentation. Contributed papers will be presented mainly as short oral presentations, whose content should be described in detail by relevant posters. Those who would like to present an invited/oral paper, please, contact Prof. E.P. Gordov (

The last day for submission abstracts of initiative reports - April 25, 2015.

One-day trip to Tom river is planned to access practical activity of regional environmental bodies.

Working languages at the Conference are English and Russian. During the thematic Conference Sessions simultaneous translation will be provided.

Potential authors, please pay attention that your Abstract should include:
1. Title
2. Authors (Principal author first)
3. Affiliation and Address for Each Author (Mailing address, telephone, fax, e-mail, Internet site)
4. Session chosen (Please note that near all contributed papers will be presented at Poster Sessions; only the papers, suggested by the Session Chairs, will be considered as candidates for oral presentation)
5. Four-page report text and 1 page short abstract. Russian authors are kindly asked to submit a 1 page abstract in English and 4 pages of report text in Russian (or 4 pages report text in English and 1 page short abstract in Russian).

Texts will be used by Program Committee for initial selection of participants. Selected and reviewed reports of participants will be published in the event Proceedings.

Submission DEADLINE: 25 April 2015

Please send your abstract to Secretary of the Conference


IMCES SB RAS, Akademicheskii ave. 10/3, Tomsk, 634055, Russia. Phone: 7 (3822) 492187, Fax: 7 (3822) 492537.

To cover expenses on conference organization, all participants should pay a conference fee, which will include refreshments, Program and abstracts, and a boat trip. Conference fee for young scientists will be reduced! Please forward this Call to anyone you think would be interested in receiving it.

Looking forward to meet you in Tomsk!