Siberian center for Environmental Research and Training


Potential Conference participants, please, send your Submission to:

Mrs. Yulia Gordova, Secretary of the Conference,

Siberian Center for Environment Research and Training,

10/3 Akademicheskii Ave., Tomsk, 634055, Russia


Tel.7 (3822) 492187, fax 7 (3822) 492537.


Your Submission should include:

1. Title

2. Authors (Principal author, which would present the paper, first)

3. Affiliation and Address for Each Author (Institution mailing address, telephone, fax, e-mail, Internet site)

4. Session chosen, paper status suggested

5. Russian authors are kindly asked to submit 1 page abstract in English and 4 pages report text in Russian (or 4 pages report text in English and 1 page short abstract in Russian). Foreign participants 4 pages report text only.

6. Confirmation of PhD student/early career scientist status.


Texts will be used by Program Committee for initial selection of participants and will be published in the event Proceedings.


Please prepare your submission in *.doc format


Submission DEADLINE: 1 April 2013