Siberian center for Environmental Research and Training

Discussion of reports

Dear colleagues!
Thank you all for participating in the ENVIROMIS-2020 conference. Unfortunately, due to the tight schedule, very little time was allocated for questions and discussion of the reports. 
Therefore, the co-chairmen of the conference decided to open access to the reports until October 15, 2020. You are welcome to see them and ask questions to the authors. 
We remind you the information on organizing access to presentations of reports and posters.
All presentations and posters in the form of PDF-files are placed on the "cloud" Google Drive (Google Drive) and are open for access by links:


After clicking on the link, the contents of the Google disk will open in the browser, where presentations and posters are arranged in an orderly form in sections. Any file with a presentation or poster can be opened here by double-clicking the left mouse button. In the window that opens, the slides can be scaled and viewed.
Only registered users with a Google account can comment and put questions to presentations and posters. If you do not have a Google account, open the page in your browser, click the blue "Sign in" button in the upper right corner and create a Google account in the window that opens. Provide conference organizers with the email address you used to create your Google account. The organizers will add you to the list of users who can comment on presentations and posters. After that, a letter will be sent to this e-mail address notifying you of the change in the rights on the Google drive. Without registration, presentations and posters will be available for viewing only.
In order to leave a comment or question, click on the comment icon in the upper right corner of the window, select the area of interest with the mouse, and enter the question / comment on the right in the window that opens. To reply to a comment, left-click on the comment and enter a reply.
It is desirable that the conference participants log into the Google drive using their Google accounts. In this case, next to the comment / question, it will be indicated the name of the person who left it.
To close an open presentation or poster, you can click anywhere in the dark area to the left and right of the slides, or press the ESC key on your keyboard.