Siberian center for Environmental Research and Training

Interdisciplinary integration project «Complex Monitoring of Great Vasyugan Bog: modern state and development processes research»

Main goals of the project:
  1. To show the role, importance and scientifically grounded ways of development of the unique natural-climatic complex Great Vasyugan Bog (GVB) as the natural formation of planetary importance for global and regional environmental and climate change. This will be done on the basis of basic and applied multidisciplinary research of GVB.
  2. To assure further development of technologies of GVB monitoring on biological, physical, chemical, technogenic components and of methods of multifactor analysis and forecast of regional changes under the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors an addition to traditional technologies of monitoring and forecasting of regional environment and climate state.
Main objectives of the project:
  • To create a databank on characteristics of biological, physical, chemical and technogenic processes proceeding on the GVB territory.
  • To investigate the BVB evolution scenario in the interactive connection with the published scenarios of the climate global change.
  • To investigate functional patterns of bog geosystem GVB under the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors.
  • To study modern rhythm of the earth's crust movement in Western and Eastern Siberia and on this basis to find out the peculiarities of geodynamic processes on the GVB territory.