Siberian center for Environmental Research and Training


The Center has quite a prehistory in area of environmental applications of information technologies, which form a sort of backbone of multidisciplinary studies. It is based on recent joint activity of the partners, which was started before formal unification of their efforts. It has resulted in several performed and on going national and international RTD projects and accompanying measures performed under auspice of SB RAS, RFBR, INTAS and EC Programs. It includes RFBR project on development of integrated information-computational system (ICS) “Atmospheric Optics” comprising web sites ”Atmospheric Models” (, “Atmospheric Chemistry” (, “Atmospheric Spectroscopy” ( and “Atmospheric Aerosol” ( providing user with access to relevant data and interactive modelling tools. The next project is devoted to development of Integrated System for Intelligent Regional Environmental Monitoring & Management (ISIREMM) and is currently performed by the consortium of 8 European and NIS organizations under FP5 INCO PROGRAMME funding (, which addresses the problem of industrial pollution, and in particular, air pollution, and its effects on the human and natural environment. Recently INTAS supported project ATMOS, which is aimed at development a bilingual Internet portal for the domain of Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry, and the related application domain of air quality assessment and management is presented as well. It is performed jointly with British Atmospheric Data Center and other Russian and European partners.

Recently the Center initiated a project “Siberian Geosphere – Biosphere Program: integrated regional study of contemporary natural and climatic changes” (SGBP), which has been selected for funding as an Integrated Interdisciplinary Program of SB RAS. In this Project efforts of 14 Institutes of SB RAS and RAS as well as 5 Universities are coherently joined to initiate relevant study of the region.

SCERT also took part in such projects as interdisciplinary integration project SB RAS «Complex Monitoring of Great Vasyugan Bog: modern state and development processes research» (GVB), interdisciplinary integration project SB RAS «Ecological Problems of Siberian Cities» (EPSC), and project «Research of natural and socioeconomic processes dynamics in the interests of education for sustainable development» (Integration) which were performed in the framework of federal program «Integration of Science and Higher Education in Russia in years 2002-2006».